Become an Intuitive Bridge Energy Healer

Do you have some intuitive skills? Are you able to sense other people’s strengths, fears, and blocks to more joyful, satisfying living? Would you like to leverage your abilities to improve lives, resolve “impossible” problems, and maximize any opportunity?

We would love nothing better than for the whole world to know everything we do and develop our same skills. We honestly believe that we provide the fastest, easiest, and deepest results, and we feel eager to spread this knowledge to the world!

If you would like to become part of our mission, consider these three popular ways to proceed:

  1. Read Heal Your Emotions. This recently-published book walks you through 30 years of learning and experimentation in intuitive healing. It begins with the basics, then proceeds to increasingly complex and useful energy healing techniques. It points out red flags, dozens of short cuts, and other useful information such as various ways to protect yourself.
  2. Become a Utah Energy Work client. Rather than merely healing your unconscious energy blocks, we’ll coach you through healing them yourself, supporting you along the way and especially removing any blocks which inhibit your abilities.
  3. Work with us. When you bring the client, we will coach you through various techniques and abilities. We monitor what you’re doing and help you become your very best in a much shorter time frame than practicing on your own. You may opt to have the client pay the session cost or split it between you, and we’ll even give you the $25 referral credit for the first visit!

Interested? Introduce yourself today and let’s begin soon!

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