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Fibromyalgia in 1 hour: “I was shocked!”

Sandra Green has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, but last week’s flare up was the worst it had hit for ten years. She could hardly function and the pain was severe. When I asked, she gave the most vivid description of the symptoms that I’ve ever heard. She said it’s like:

  • Raw nerve endings everywhere
  • Having the flu but ten times worse
  • A ball of pain in her stomach so she can’t even lie on her stomach
  • Knots in her legs so she can barely walk
  • More in her throat
  • Feeling nauseous all the time and can hardly eat
  • Feeling like she’s going to pass out

Ouch! May I never complain about any comparatively-minor physical ailment again!

We spent about an hour on the phone shifting and releasing any associated energies I could find. Continue reading Fibromyalgia in 1 hour: “I was shocked!”

“Understanding” Won’t Get You There

We know we’ve got issues. We know we haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of our potential. We know . And in many, many cases, we know exactly how we got this way and what we need to do differently.

So why don’t we change? Why must we continue to struggle? Why do the same self-defeating thoughts and irrational fears continue to plague our lives when we know better??? Continue reading “Understanding” Won’t Get You There