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20/20 New Client Introductory Special

Perhaps you’ve looked around or heard positive reviews from your friends, and now you’re curious. You wonder whether we can help YOU with your difficult or unpleasant thoughts, feelings, or situations the way we’ve helped so many others.

Now with our new 20/20 New Client Introductory Special, you can get a taste of our intuitive healing skills and see for yourself!

You’ll get a 20-minute intuitive healing session for only $20. If you like what you experience, you can turn it into a full session or, if you schedule another session within a month, you’ll receive a $20 discount off the regular session price, which essentially makes your 20/20 session free!

The 20/20 program is going very well so far, with new clients reporting that they feel significantly better and more hopeful afterward, and that we accomplished far more than they expected. They’re pleased and surprised that rather than telling UEW about their past experiences and feelings, we end up telling them details that we intuitively sense as the healing process progresses.

Here at Utah Energy Work, outcomes like that are precisely what we expect, since that’s exactly what we nearly always experience.

Isn’t it time for you to discard your old fears, emotional wounds, and limitations and maximize your joy? Call Shaun at 801-980-3476, Contact Utah Energy Work, or order your 20/20 session today and let us help you heal and grow!

We look forward to serving you!


Fibromyalgia in 1 hour: “I was shocked!”

Sandra Green has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, but last week’s flare up was the worst it had hit for ten years. She could hardly function and the pain was severe. When I asked, she gave the most vivid description of the symptoms that I’ve ever heard. She said it’s like:

  • Raw nerve endings everywhere
  • Having the flu but ten times worse
  • A ball of pain in her stomach so she can’t even lie on her stomach
  • Knots in her legs so she can barely walk
  • More in her throat
  • Feeling nauseous all the time and can hardly eat
  • Feeling like she’s going to pass out

Ouch! May I never complain about any comparatively-minor physical ailment again!

We spent about an hour on the phone shifting and releasing any associated energies I could find. Continue reading Fibromyalgia in 1 hour: “I was shocked!”

Core Healing Fast

“Shaun is down to earth, genuine, and comfortable to work with. He helped me shift things that have plagued me for years in a single session. Each time he shifts something for me I notice subtle but significant blessings that immediately follow in my life. I just feel and act different. It has opened the door for me to be more of myself and celebrate life in a whole new way. He has an amazing gift to facilitate core healing fast!”

– Dixie Pond
Logan, Utah

Thank You

I just want to say Thank You so much for the work you do. After talking to you about my concerns a few evenings ago I woke up the next day and felt that so much of the burden that I was dealing with was gone. I experienced much needed peace! I don’t know exactly everything that you did but whatever it was it worked! You are truly a gifted healer!

With Gratitude,
Toni Anderson
Salt Lake City