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Leaves vs. Roots

rockcanyonleavesImagine for a moment that your mind is a tree and that each leaf is a persistent negative thought.

Imagine now that you’re working hard to prune your tree by plucking away each leaf, one by one. The futility is obvious, right? Not only would plucking hundreds or thousands of leaves take an immense amount of time, but new leaves will simply grow and take their place.

That’s why at Utah Energy Work, we aim for the roots.

Where do negative thoughts and feelings come from? Their roots begin far below conscious thoughts in your experiences and memories stored deep in your subconscious mind. They generate fear, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, despair, and other unpleasant experiences.

Because they hide deep under ground, people generally have no conscious access to them, and the best they can do is pluck away at the leaves and occasionally break off a troublesome branch.

Our intuitive healing skills do better than that. With 30+ years of practice and innovation, we trace your feelings to their source and heal them there.

Following an intuitive healing session, you may still experience some of the former negative thoughts for a while, but you’ll notice that they have changed. Their strong emotional charge has greatly diminished, and they no longer control your life as they did before. Eventually the tree will die and those negative leaves will not return.

It’s important, of course, that you do your best to actively focus on the new, positive thoughts that now become possible – the bright, happy, optimistic epiphanies that suddenly seem so obvious, yet that utterly evaded you before your healing session.

Your focus is how you choose which thoughts and feelings will grow, and how you nurture those positives until they become as persistent as the fears, hurts, anxieties, doubts, and other negatives once were.

It’s also important to not look back, not dwell on the old negatives, which in some cases could rebuild their root systems and prevent them from dying. Luckily, you’ll find turning off those thoughts – once a nearly  impossible task – much easier. As you do, the old leaves will dry out and drop away on their own.

Even if this sounds too good to be true, isn’t it worth a shot? Hundreds of happy clients have found rapid relief through our services, and we trust that you will have a similar experience.

If you feel like you have a mountain of negative feelings, let us create an earthquake to shake it down so you can live your life from a more peaceful foundation.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and if you’d like a quick demo of what we can do for you, try our new 20/20 new client special!

Become an Intuitive Bridge Energy Healer

Do you have some intuitive skills? Are you able to sense other people’s strengths, fears, and blocks to more joyful, satisfying living? Would you like to leverage your abilities to improve lives, resolve “impossible” problems, and maximize any opportunity?

We would love nothing better than for the whole world to know everything we do and develop our same skills. We honestly believe that we provide the fastest, easiest, and deepest results, and we feel eager to spread this knowledge to the world!

If you would like to become part of our mission, consider these three popular ways to proceed:

  1. Read Heal Your Emotions. This recently-published book walks you through 30 years of learning and experimentation in intuitive healing. It begins with the basics, then proceeds to increasingly complex and useful energy healing techniques. It points out red flags, dozens of short cuts, and other useful information such as various ways to protect yourself.
  2. Become a Utah Energy Work client. Rather than merely healing your unconscious energy blocks, we’ll coach you through healing them yourself, supporting you along the way and especially removing any blocks which inhibit your abilities.
  3. Work with us. When you bring the client, we will coach you through various techniques and abilities. We monitor what you’re doing and help you become your very best in a much shorter time frame than practicing on your own. You may opt to have the client pay the session cost or split it between you, and we’ll even give you the $25 referral credit for the first visit!

Interested? Introduce yourself today and let’s begin soon!

Do You Have a Dragon Inside? Banish it today.

Do you have a dragon inside you? In other words, does anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic worry, or some other annoying emotion or thought pattern gnaw away at your happiness and tranquility?

Would you like to know why such joy-killing, debilitating feelings plague your life? The simple answer is this: it’s because of your brain.

Here’s how it works: somewhere deep inside that bundle of neurons, certain pathways trigger fear and other problematic emotions and perceptions.

The most common trigger is stress of any kind, but even happiness can cause your brain to freak out if it thinks “This is too good to be true. It can’t last. Prepare for disaster!”

Most of these destructive thought patterns exist far below awareness, but even if you happen to consciously understand your emotions, that doesn’t mean you can reach them and change them.

The best most people can hope for is to learn to live with limited peace of mind, productivity, and happiness, but you are not most people. You have found, and we specialize in slaying dragons – quickly, effortlessly, and thoroughly.

What if you could banish your monster for just seventy five bucks (with volume discount) in about an hour? Would that be worth it?

Of course it would!

How is this possible? We have honed our intuitive gifts for over 30 years. These skills allow us to feel what you feel and intuitively search for the energetic roots of your distressing thought patterns. Once there, two-way intuitive communication lets us interact with your feelings (a primary language of your subconscious mind) and help them to change form.

Sometimes old fears simply “release” and disappear. Often the most intense emotional suffering comes from suppressing expression and your native talents, so your pain may turn into the power to live more fully, joyfully, courageously, and creatively.

We’ve even written a book to share hundreds of our best techniques and train others to develop similar skills: Heal Your Emotions. The world desperately needs this sort of healing – as you understand all too well – and you can get a copy for half price when you schedule an intuitive healing session with us.

We can’t guarantee that all dragons will roll over and die or transform into brave princes/princesses with a single session, but we typically experience such significant progress in our first meeting that we feel confident in our optimism that we can provide similar results for you.

We always take a survey about your state of mind at the beginning and end of each session, and the end results nearly always show a significant shift toward the positive end of the scale.

In fact, the more energy work you’ve already tried and the more aware you are of your feelings, the more likely you will find yourself astounded by the results we deliver because you have already taught your brain – to some degree – how to change its mind. You’ve already generated some momentum in that direction. This makes it even easier for us to work with you.

Even our most challenging clients experience noticeable and worthwhile change over the course of several sessions.

Why not give it a try? Contact us today to schedule a session and take an easy step closer to living your happily ever after!

How Your Brain Works

If you feel stressed out, anxious, depressed, afraid, or other ways that limit your joyful expression of life, and if life feels like a constant struggle just to keep your head above water, let alone reach your financial, relationship, and other goals, then there’s a good chance that the problem begins in your brain. Understanding a few key ways that your brain functions helps explain how your challenges may be remedied.

How Your Brain Works

Everyone knows the most basic information about our brains and how they work. They’re made of about a hundred billion nerve cells (about as many trees as you’ll find in the Amazon jungle), and each cell connects to about ten thousand others (making a thousand trillion connections – about as many leaves in the Amazon).

These cells transmit information via electical signals and neurochemicals. Some parts of your brain control autonomic functions like your heartbeat, breathing, digestion and blood pressure. Other parts collect sensory information and determine how much to pass through to consciousness. Other parts control voluntary movement. Other parts think and remember.

That’s simple enough.

How Your Subconscious Works

To more fully understand how energy work and healing makes such a substantial impact, it’s important to know a few things about the subconscious, particularly the brain stem.

The brain stem is the most basic part of the brain. It deals with low-level survival functions such as gathering food, sleeping, reproduction and self defense. The brains of organisms with the most basic brains consist of a brain stem and nothing else.

The brain stem’s survival instinct – despite the best of intentions – is the root of many, perhaps most, of our “issues” that complicate our lives and cause us grief. For example, when a child touches a hot stove, the brain stem notices that this action is dangerous, and the next time the child sees a hot stove, it emits some chemicals that cause the emotion of fear. The child thus makes a negative association with touching hot stoves and, along with many other such lessons and any luck, will probably survive to adulthood.

The problems begin when the brain stem starts protecting us in ways that also limit our growth, safety, happiness, success, relationships, peace of mind, and ability to thrive.

For example, have you ever been rejected by someone you loved? Noting the unpleasant results, the brain stem gets to work on protecting you from ever suffering that way again. Next time you begin to feel those dangerous feelings of love, out come the same chemicals used for the hot stove. “Danger!” they shout. “Run for your life!”

The second important thing to know about your subconscious is that it’s usually in charge. We’d like to think that our conscious mind makes rational decisions and those determine our actions, but science tells us otherwise in many cases. For example, the subconscious knows we’re going to act a split second before our conscious minds are even aware of the choice.

Emotions are powerful motivators that not only influence our actions but also skew our perceptions and either support or limit our capacity to carry out good choices and reach our goals.

The subconscious often gets compared to an ice burg – there’s a whole lot more below the surface than above, and the deep ocean currents carry it along more than merely the surface winds.

Good News & Bad News

On one hand, it’s a good thing the subconscious runs the show – if we had to consciously control all the functions that keep us alive, we wouldn’t survive for a minute! Our conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time. It’s a terrible multitasker and there are billions of bits of information entering our brain at any given moment.

The bad news is that the subconscious doesn’t always make the decisions you wish it would. The other bad news is that these subconscious decisions are generally not only out of reach to your conscious mind, but utterly invisible. You might *know* you’re irrationally afraid of heights or authority figures or people you’re attracted to, but knowing that at the conscious level hardly seems to help.

The other good news is that the deep-seated protections that trip you up can be permanently transformed. Various solutions with various degrees of effectiveness exist for you to choose from.

Solution Choices

You may choose talk therapy to to make the subconscious more conscious and learn skills to manage your emotions – which everyone must use to function in life. Highly skilled counselors can also guide you to conscious epiphanies that alter your perspectives and make life easier.

Perhaps the biggest down side to traditional therapy is that significant breakthroughs may take time, and may not arrive at all. M. Scott Peck, in the excellent and insightful book The Road Less Traveled, shares a story of meeting twice a week with a client for two years before experiencing a significant breakthrough. While few therapists use his techniques anymore, that much time and money seems unconscionable when Utah Energy Works usually achieves better results within the first hour.

You may also choose various energy healing modalities including massage and cranial-sacral therapy. The best practitioners do more than merely manipulate your muscles and spine, they intuitively sense how to skim off pent up emotional and energetic pressures which may eventually allow the deeper fears and paradigms release.

If you choose to work with, we will intuitively find our way through your mental-emotional and physical energies and help release, transcend, or transform them and let your thoughts and feelings follow their lead.

Each client is unique, but most experience significant change in a single 60-90 minute session and leave feeling measurably better and more hopeful than when they arrived.

We believe that our approach is not only one of the most easy, fast and effective, but certainly one of the most economical. It makes an excellent addition to any other healing modality you employ.

Why not contact us today to set an appointment?

Instant Headache Relief

Have you ever wanted to learn energy healing and wondered whether you have an aptitude for it? Here’s a very simple exercise that you can try on anyone with a headache.

1. When someone has a headache, get permission to try this experience (it also works for other physical ailments but often doesn’t get as quick or noticeable results).

2. Hold your hands near the person’s head or neck (anywhere from four inches to five feet or more).
There’s no need to make physical contact, which could possibly even distract you from noticing the energy itself, so give yourself a little space. Probably the biggest impediment to this experiment working is feeling foolish, so do your best to relax and not judge yourself.

3. Notice a sensation similar to heat.
This is energy. If you think carefully, you’ll notice that it doesn’t quite feel like heat. It may feel like a tingling, and it may feel the same regardless of distance from the subject.

4. Move your hands to other positions around the person’s head and stop where you sense the most energy.
The person will often confirm that the headache is centered in the area where you felt the most energy.

5. If the sensation fades, move your hand to another position. Follow the energy.
The person will often report that the headache shifts in sync with the energy.

6. When you can no longer detect any strong energy, the headache is probably gone as well.

This can take anywhere between ten seconds and several minutes or more, depending on the cause of the headache, the skill of the practitioner, and other factors. This technique often works on migraines, though it may take longer than on other headaches.

Did this work for you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! If not, don’t worry – sensitivity to energy can take time to develop. Try again another day and see if you get better results!

Happy Independence Day!

I hope you all get the opportunity to sit on the green grass, eat watermelon with the sweet, red juice running down your chin, and ooh and ah over fabulous fireworks this weekend.

But that’s not my independence day wish.

My wish for you goes more like this: I wish you would realize how wonderful you truly are. I wish you would cast off all those limiting beliefs about how it’s not good to think more highly of yourself or believe that you can really reach your dreams. I wish you would laugh easily and love freely every day for the rest of your life.

It’s not impossible, you know! In fact, it’s perfectly natural. It’s the normal result of anyone who sees themself clearly. We call it “enlightenment” and imagine that it can only be obtained through years of meditation in Tibetan monestaries.

It’s actually quite easy to “arrive.” Once you know how, and with a little help, it can happen to you in about an hour.

It’s the truth, after all! You’re not really the smaller version of yourself that your experiences and role models have shown you so far. You’re so much more. You are all your greatest dreams and aspirations and talents.

And once you’ve “been there,” once you’ve seen it and experienced how it feels, you can keep a part of it which will always steer you back in that direction.

I wish you would see yourself more clearly because FREEDOM Can Not Exceed VISION. You can’t choose something if you don’t know it’s even available. Once you know what’s possible, your actions automatically change to help make your dreams come true.

The political freedom we typically celebrate this time of year is a wonderful thing. Without it and its accompanying ecomonic and other benefits, we’d never have time to focus on even higher aims.

My wish for you is to put those freedoms to the greatest use possible by taking a moment before your afternoon nap or during the fireworks when no one is watching you and recognizing the fact that America is great only because you are great! Just like the audacious founding fathers who dared to experiment with freedom, you can begin something whose repercussions will never die out by dreaming big and showing the courage and determination to make them come true.

Eneural Blending (get more from your affirmations)

Want a short cut to success, happiness, personal growth and freedom? Who doesn’t? Here’s one of the best:

…but first, a quick review of how your brain works.

a. Your brain has about a hundred billion neurons.
b. Each neuron connects to an average of 5,000-10,000 other neurons.
c. The “pathways” created by these connections enable to brain to think and remember.
d. These pathways are reinforced whenever we use them (by thinking the corresponding thoughts).
e. These pathways can change rapidly by “branching” (making new connections) and “pruning” (breaking connections). This may occur in a matter of seconds. I’ve watched video as neurons’ dendrites reach out and make new connections, then separate from old ones. It’s both amazing and very, very encouraging.

The trick, of course, is learning how to break the unwanted pathways and get positive ones to take over. Continue reading Eneural Blending (get more from your affirmations)

“Understanding” Won’t Get You There

We know we’ve got issues. We know we haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of our potential. We know . And in many, many cases, we know exactly how we got this way and what we need to do differently.

So why don’t we change? Why must we continue to struggle? Why do the same self-defeating thoughts and irrational fears continue to plague our lives when we know better??? Continue reading “Understanding” Won’t Get You There

Accessing Your Inner Art Gallery (how to read minds)

how to read mindsEverybody makes such a big deal about snowflakes.

Maybe it’s all that intricate detail, tiny white crystals creating sharp contrasts as the water molecules bond to one another.

Maybe it’s the refreshing way they melt against your skin or in your mouth as you run back and forth in the storm like a fool, aiming your tongue at the biggest flake you can find in the falling sky.

Or maybe it’s just as they say – that snowflakes are special because each one is unique in the universe.

Regardless of the cause for snowflake appeal, those little drops of water ain’t got nothing on you! Continue reading Accessing Your Inner Art Gallery (how to read minds)

How you can experience the UEW tranformation

Maybe a friend has referred you to us with stories of liberating transformation, perhaps you saw a flyer around town, or you may have simply run into us on the web.

Now that you’ve found us, if you’re curious, intrigued, desperate for change, or otherwise interested in working with us, here are a few suggestions for getting the ball rolling. Continue reading How you can experience the UEW tranformation