FAQ: Is energetic release permanent?

A: Yes, with some caveats.

For example, most people have built many layers of energetic blocks. Many of these layers seem very similar, so when another layer arises, it may seem like you’re right back where you were before. With experience, you’ll begin to notice that the current experience differs slightly from previous experiences and that you truly are making progress. Eventually, you will reach a tipping point where you never experience anything like the previous layers again.

Our issues are more than mere problems to overcome. They are teachers. They present trials for us to face which require that we learn important lessons. Until we have learned thoroughly, the lesson repeats. This is not “bad,” it’s just how things are. If you could step back and see the entire, divine picture, you would appreciate the value of this learning system.

That said, you’re free to try to learn and progress as quickly as you possibly can! It’s a joy to finish up old lessons and get on with higher-level ones! If you ignore your lessons, they will become increasingly insistent, impacting your health and happiness as their way of demanding your attention.

Keep in mind that some lessons and shifts take time and keep your life in balance in the meantime. Take care of your body, be productive, maintain social ties. Sometimes the lesson is simply to endure with patience.

Another reason progress may not seem permanent is when the shift stops short of completion. Failure to continue with a shift until you get solid footing on your new level can result in backsliding to previously-comfortable (or familiar) ways. You’ll have an easier time next time you work on the issue, but it may feel like starting over.
A third reason for impermanence is individual choice. Energy work does not make decisions for you, is merely creates the freedom for choices that did not previously exist. Sometimes these better choices happen automatically, but people can be stubborn, change can be frightening,
and unless the individual actively chooses to let go of old ways and exercise the courage to pursue new paths, change may come slowly.

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