Happy Independence Day!

I hope you all get the opportunity to sit on the green grass, eat watermelon with the sweet, red juice running down your chin, and ooh and ah over fabulous fireworks this weekend.

But that’s not my independence day wish.

My wish for you goes more like this: I wish you would realize how wonderful you truly are. I wish you would cast off all those limiting beliefs about how it’s not good to think more highly of yourself or believe that you can really reach your dreams. I wish you would laugh easily and love freely every day for the rest of your life.

It’s not impossible, you know! In fact, it’s perfectly natural. It’s the normal result of anyone who sees themself clearly. We call it “enlightenment” and imagine that it can only be obtained through years of meditation in Tibetan monestaries.

It’s actually quite easy to “arrive.” Once you know how, and with a little help, it can happen to you in about an hour.

It’s the truth, after all! You’re not really the smaller version of yourself that your experiences and role models have shown you so far. You’re so much more. You are all your greatest dreams and aspirations and talents.

And once you’ve “been there,” once you’ve seen it and experienced how it feels, you can keep a part of it which will always steer you back in that direction.

I wish you would see yourself more clearly because FREEDOM Can Not Exceed VISION. You can’t choose something if you don’t know it’s even available. Once you know what’s possible, your actions automatically change to help make your dreams come true.

The political freedom we typically celebrate this time of year is a wonderful thing. Without it and its accompanying ecomonic and other benefits, we’d never have time to focus on even higher aims.

My wish for you is to put those freedoms to the greatest use possible by taking a moment before your afternoon nap or during the fireworks when no one is watching you and recognizing the fact that America is great only because you are great! Just like the audacious founding fathers who dared to experiment with freedom, you can begin something whose repercussions will never die out by dreaming big and showing the courage and determination to make them come true.

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