Leaves vs. Roots

rockcanyonleavesImagine for a moment that your mind is a tree and that each leaf is a persistent negative thought.

Imagine now that you’re working hard to prune your tree by plucking away each leaf, one by one. The futility is obvious, right? Not only would plucking hundreds or thousands of leaves take an immense amount of time, but new leaves will simply grow and take their place.

That’s why at Utah Energy Work, we aim for the roots.

Where do negative thoughts and feelings come from? Their roots begin far below conscious thoughts in your experiences and memories stored deep in your subconscious mind. They generate fear, anxiety, worry, depression, anger, despair, and other unpleasant experiences.

Because they hide deep under ground, people generally have no conscious access to them, and the best they can do is pluck away at the leaves and occasionally break off a troublesome branch.

Our intuitive healing skills do better than that. With 30+ years of practice and innovation, we trace your feelings to their source and heal them there.

Following an intuitive healing session, you may still experience some of the former negative thoughts for a while, but you’ll notice that they have changed. Their strong emotional charge has greatly diminished, and they no longer control your life as they did before. Eventually the tree will die and those negative leaves will not return.

It’s important, of course, that you do your best to actively focus on the new, positive thoughts that now become possible – the bright, happy, optimistic epiphanies that suddenly seem so obvious, yet that utterly evaded you before your healing session.

Your focus is how you choose which thoughts and feelings will grow, and how you nurture those positives until they become as persistent as the fears, hurts, anxieties, doubts, and other negatives once were.

It’s also important to not look back, not dwell on the old negatives, which in some cases could rebuild their root systems and prevent them from dying. Luckily, you’ll find turning off those thoughts – once a nearly¬† impossible task – much easier. As you do, the old leaves will dry out and drop away on their own.

Even if this sounds too good to be true, isn’t it worth a shot? Hundreds of happy clients have found rapid relief through our services, and we trust that you will have a similar experience.

If you feel like you have a mountain of negative feelings, let us create an earthquake to shake it down so you can live your life from a more peaceful foundation.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and if you’d like a quick demo of what we can do for you, try our new 20/20 new client special!

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