“Understanding” Won’t Get You There

We know we’ve got issues. We know we haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of our potential. We know . And in many, many cases, we know exactly how we got this way and what we need to do differently.

So why don’t we change? Why must we continue to struggle? Why do the same self-defeating thoughts and irrational fears continue to plague our lives when we know better???

The answer is simple. Knowing all the answers doesn’t change us because our conscious minds are not in charge of our lives and destiny! Merely knowing the answers and expecting our lives to change is like knowing that our car is out of gas, yet feeling confused about why it won’t run.

Studies have shown that our subconscious minds know what we’re going to do several fractions of a second before we’re even aware of the choice (Blink, Malcolm Gladwell, 2005).

The subconscious mind houses millions of tiny circuits designed to protect us but which often end up tripping us, protecting us from pain and risk and thus also “protecting” us from success, happiness, satisfaction and freedom. These are our issues. Our blocks. Our limiting thoughts.

All effective approaches to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical (when caused by mental or energetic blocks) wellness must address these “protections.” Until they are transformed, we’ll continue to experience “more of the same.”

Stacey Thompson of Midvale, Utah is a perfect example. She knows what she wants. She knows about taking responsibility for her life. She knows many skills to change her thoughts and actions. She was already well on her way to creating the changes she wanted in her life before she decided to try Utah Energy Works.

In her first session, Stacey experienced such significant progress that she purchased a package deal to get more of the same. Following each session, she reports significant behavioral changes as well as improved attitudes and perspectives regarding her goals.

The combination of awareness, choice and foundational energy shifts makes for quick progress and permanent, noticeable results.

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