Third Party Energy Work

Clients often contact UEW requesting energy work to be done on a third party. While this arrangement is acceptable and usually highly effective, the client must understand a few important points regarding third party work.

First are the ethical implications of obtaining the subject’s permission before doing energy work on him or her. Many energy practitioners require verbal permission before beginning any sort of transformation process. While conscious agreement is ideal for several reasons, UEW understands that it is not always possible and that intuitive permission from the subject’s “highest self” may suffice to ensure than any energy work occurs according to the person’s desires and in her or his best interest. In no case will UEW practitioners proceed with any request for energy work if the request is not clearly in the subject’s best interest. In such cases when a request seems to be against the subject’s wishes or best interest, other approaches may be identified which are acceptable.

A frequently-recommended alternative to third-party work is for the individual requesting third-party work to undergo energy work instead. As this individual shifts, his or her relationships with others must also necessarily shift to match the new state, and third parties may find transformation easier or automatic as a result.

Second come the practical consequences of third-party work. If the subject does not have the chance to actively choose to release old energy patterns and make new choices, transformation may be hampered. Furthermore, actively making new life choices teaches valuable life lessons that may continue to serve the subject in the future. These shortcomings can be remedied to some degree by passing along helpful information and/or providing a safe venue where the subject may explore any new thoughts and emotions that arise. Regardless of these shortcomings, third-party work can be extremely beneficial and help the subject to begin to learn and make new choices they may not have made without this type of support.

Finally, be aware that individuals who do not actively seek support and transformation may be sufficiently entrenched in their current paradigms that deep energetic shift may take a great deal more effort than for individuals driven by a desire to improve or motivated to end conditions they may suffer from at any cost.

If unsure, discuss your concerns about third-party work with your UEW practitioner.

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