Instant Headache Relief

Have you ever wanted to learn energy healing and wondered whether you have an aptitude for it? Here’s a very simple exercise that you can try on anyone with a headache.

1. When someone has a headache, get permission to try this experience (it also works for other physical ailments but often doesn’t get as quick or noticeable results).

2. Hold your hands near the person’s head or neck (anywhere from four inches to five feet or more).
There’s no need to make physical contact, which could possibly even distract you from noticing the energy itself, so give yourself a little space. Probably the biggest impediment to this experiment working is feeling foolish, so do your best to relax and not judge yourself.

3. Notice a sensation similar to heat.
This is energy. If you think carefully, you’ll notice that it doesn’t quite feel like heat. It may feel like a tingling, and it may feel the same regardless of distance from the subject.

4. Move your hands to other positions around the person’s head and stop where you sense the most energy.
The person will often confirm that the headache is centered in the area where you felt the most energy.

5. If the sensation fades, move your hand to another position. Follow the energy.
The person will often report that the headache shifts in sync with the energy.

6. When you can no longer detect any strong energy, the headache is probably gone as well.

This can take anywhere between ten seconds and several minutes or more, depending on the cause of the headache, the skill of the practitioner, and other factors. This technique often works on migraines, though it may take longer than on other headaches.

Did this work for you? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below! If not, don’t worry – sensitivity to energy can take time to develop. Try again another day and see if you get better results!

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