Heal Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Speaking Your Brain’s Languages and Turning Pain into Power

Heal Your EmotionsBasic Intuitive Energy Healing
Heal Your Emotions
A Practical Guide to Speaking your Brain’s Languages and Turning Pain into Power.

This easy-to-read 322-page book walks you through hundreds of surprisingly effective ways to quickly heal anxieties, fears, emotional wounds, limited thinking, and other impediments to living a happy & actualized life. It also provides dozens of insights to construct a more productive sense of identity and world view. Order Heal Your Emotions for a limited time for $5 off!

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Probably the most influential force in life is emotion, and most people live at the mercy of this powerful motivator without realizing how much their thoughts and feelings limit their progress and cause them to suffer.

Heal Your Emotions walks you through hundreds of techniques to cooperate with your brain and:

  1. Choose productive thoughts to solve problems and generate positive emotions,
  2. Interact effectively with your emotions, and
  3. Release, transcend, or transform negative, stuck thought patterns and limiting feelings.

Chapters on the conscious and subconscious minds, the body, love, healing, common challenges, id, environment, abundance and dealing with energy parasites show you how to maximize your success in each of these primary areas of living.

Heal Your Emotions, a Practical Guide to Speaking your Brains’ Languages and Turning Pain into Power.

Why is the conscious/subconscious mind split so important?

The conscious mind is rational. It makes sense. If it ran the show, it could plan out your life rather nicely. The subconscious is emotional. It mostly only cares about your survival, which makes it risk averse.That means it does a great job of making you afraid and cautious and a poor job of making you happy.

Thinking in imagery also makes the subconscious process information in binary – black or white, on or off. This adds many complications like the fact that the subconscious hates to learn and change, because that would mean rearranging lots of other ideas and beliefs. It also creates confirmation bias – which means that it uses everything it perceives to confirm whatever it already believes.

Are you beginning to see why it’s so hard to change our thinking patterns that got established during infancy and early childhood?

If deep, foundational change is so hard, how does this book make it easier?

Change has been hard because we’ve been trying to change from a rational, conscious perspective. The subconscious (which is mostly in charge of our day-to-day behavior and therefore, our destiny) doesn’t understand that. It’s like taking a vacation to Italy and expecting people to understand Japanese.

By learning and speaking in imagery and emotion (which is much easier than you may think), the subconscious responds very well. Hundreds of techniques show you how to quickly locate areas that need changing (aka healing) and release old patterns, which allows newer, better ones to appear in their place and instantly improve your quality of life.

Sounds deep. Is it hard to understand and apply?

Absolutely not. These ideas aren’t actually very complex, they’re just new for most people. And they’re written in a way that makes them very easy to understand and apply at your own pace.

What do you mean by “intuitive” healing?

“Intuitive” just means that you understand something emotionally, or on a “gut” level. For example, ask yourself whether you feel happy, sad, or some other emotion today. You know the answer by understanding your feelings, and that’s intuition on a very simple level. This book shows you how to identify and understand many more feelings going on inside you than you were probably ever aware of.

Several sources of intuitive information exist, and this book primarily focuses on understanding and working with feelings that originate from your subconscious mind, because that’s where most of your problems originate and it’s where you can unleash incredible power to support your goals and transform your life.

Heal Your Emotions also touches lightly on intuitive information that comes from connections with other people and entities because those are too important to leave out, and I didn’t want anyone dealing with such difficult challenges to feel frustrated that the book didn’t address their problems effectively.

How can established energy healers use Heal Your Emotions?

This volume doesn’t explain how to tap into other people’s minds and heal their blocks, but if you already know how to do that, then this collection of healing techniques is a veritable gold mine! They’re FAR more effective than than one-size-fits-all, non-specific approaches that lack two-way communication with the blocks you wish to address.

Also, once anyone gets some practice understanding his or herself intuitively, then working with someone else is just a short hop away, and you can learn more about that in my 99-cent ebook How to See Yourself and Others.

Can you give a few examples of all this insight you keep mentioning?

Sure! I can find some by flipping to any page in the book. Here are a few:

  • Sometimes healing simply requires releasing old ideas, like popping a balloon (Pop! It’s gone!). Of course the book goes into detail about many ways to make this happen.
  • Sometimes we get stuck trying to solve unsolvable riddles, and those situations require transcending, which means we simply quit asking such impossible questions and move on to the real solution.
  • Sometimes your deepest emotional pain comes from suppressed power and talent, and so transforming is required, which delivers not only relief, but turns it into incredible, satisfying empowerment to express the greatest version of yourself.
  • Mere conscious awareness of your emotions is enough to get many of them to change and heal on their own, because directly linking a subconscious emotion to your conscious mind’s incredible problem-solving abilities lets it sort things out like a supercomputer, without needing to slow everything to a crawl while you think things through or talk them out.
  • If you had been taught to love yourself right from the start, you wouldn’t need most of the healing techniques in Heal Your Emotions, because love would have protected you from the fears and wounds that settled in and got stuck inside your brain. Like Superman, they’d have bounced off your chest like mere bullets.

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RapidEnergyHealing.com $14.99
Amazon.com $19.99 or Kindle $6.99 @ bit.ly/healemotions

About the Author

Shaun Roundy has devoted his life to teaching, mentoring, rescuing, adventure, and practical idealism. He has studied and innovated in the healing arts for 30 years, and has earned a reputation for fast, deep, surprisingly satisfying results. Now you can learn his secrets and apply them for your own rapid advancement!

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