Intuitive Energy Healing Courses

In response to growing interest among our clients in learning Intuitive Bridge for themselves, we’ve prepared several courses to teach them in a systematic way. We’re excited for as many people as possible to know everything we’ve figured out!

30+ years of study and innovation has honed these skills to be extremely effective, and 20+ years of professional teaching and training lets us offer a very effective learning experience.

These courses are designed especially for energy workers with at least a small amount of experience in other modalities, though any empath (someone attuned to others’ feelings) will quickly learn to apply these abilities to transform energetic and emotional blocks into powerful stepping stones.

Course 1: True You (Basic Intuition)

Our world has focused primarily on our physical natures because they’re so obvious, yet our spiritual natures are far more important and interesting. Are you ready to discover the power of YOUR spiritual nature???

Basic Intuition trains you to connect to and “read” other people (and yourself), seeing who they really are and why that matters, and laying the foundation for more advanced courses where intuitive knowing becomes a two-way street.

You will discover and develop your empathic skills, raising your awareness of the infinite potential we all possess deep inside. Seeing people in this way heals rifts, dismantles fears, and makes the world such a beautiful, hopeful place to live. With practice, you will learn to trust your “inner knowing” more than any other source of information.

Your course tuition includes two books:
True You covers much of the course information and explores the concept and significance of your sense of identity.
Gone but not Forgotten is a work of fiction which illustrates some of the skills you will learn and practice.

Next course: Wednesday, March 16, 6-8:30 p.m. in Orem, Utah. $25.

Contact us about teaching a course in your area.

Course 2: Influence

Did it ever occur to you that “intuition” is a two-way street? That the very act of “seeing” or sensing another person creates a bridge between you which allows you to transform each other in positive ways?

Influence walks you through making this supportive spiritual connection and explains how deep, foundational healing is achieved.

You’ll learn several crucial foundational skills like creating the safety necessary for effective healing, finding guidance to always “do the right thing,” add light and love to the equation, and apply the highest quality of light.

Prerequisite: successfully complete Basic Intuition or demonstrate advanced empathic/intuitive skills.

Next course: TBA $75

Course 3: Feminine Power

Feminine power is not something that only women posses. It consists of a gentle yet influential presence that changes everything just by showing up and shining. Imagine an ancient castle filled with rowdy knights and knaves who instantly grow silent and reverent when the queen enters the hall.

Gentle, feminine power lets energetic blocks find their own ideal healing path, and provides an ideal approach which achieves the best, longest-lasting results when it is adequate.

Included in your course tuition is Basic Intuitive Healing: Heal Your Emotions.

Included in your course tuition is Love 301: How to Love Yourself.

Next course: TBA $75

Course 4: Masculine Power

When energetic blocks are more resistant and you want faster results that feminine power can achieve, masculine power makes the perfect tool for the job.

Masculine power is founded on force, but you’ll learn to wield it wisely, applying it only in ideal ways to get the results you want without doing any damage along the way or “forcing” energies into molds they don’t fit or aren’t ready to accept.

Next course: TBA $75

Course 5: The Power of Love

Love, being the most powerful and healing force in the universe, deserves a place in any healing modality, and that happens best when the practitioner understands and applies it generously in their own life.

The Power of Love explains what love is, how it works, and walks participants through several exercises designed to increase their self-love so they can better apply it to others as well.

Included in your course tuition is Love 301: How to Love Yourself.

Next course: TBA $75

Additional Topics

Additional courses will be added in the future, covering topics such as epigenetics and generational energies, dealing with spirits (dark, light, and in-between), energetic/spiritual protection, and clearing your own energetic/ emotional/ mental foundation.

Intuitive Bridge Coaching

If you’d like coaching for your Intuitive Bridge skills, add us to a conference call with your client (or work on them remotely while on the phone or in person with us). We’ll intuitively observe what you do and provide pointers and added support when you request it.

$25 per half hour (one hour minimum), which you may charge to your client if you wish and thus receive your coaching for free.

Intuitive Bridge Certification

For those interested in certifying in Intuitive Bridge, additional information will be provided later.

Experience Intuitive Bridge

If you’d like to get a taste of Intuitive Bridge and find out for yourself why it’s such an effective, exciting modality, contact us to schedule an appointment.