Do You Have a Dragon Inside? Banish it today.

Do you have a dragon inside you? In other words, does anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic worry, or some other annoying emotion or thought pattern gnaw away at your happiness and tranquility?

Would you like to know why such joy-killing, debilitating feelings plague your life? The simple answer is this: it’s because of your brain.

Here’s how it works: somewhere deep inside that bundle of neurons, certain pathways trigger fear and other problematic emotions and perceptions.

The most common trigger is stress of any kind, but even happiness can cause your brain to freak out if it thinks “This is too good to be true. It can’t last. Prepare for disaster!”

Most of these destructive thought patterns exist far below awareness, but even if you happen to consciously understand your emotions, that doesn’t mean you can reach them and change them.

The best most people can hope for is to learn to live with limited peace of mind, productivity, and happiness, but you are not most people. You have found, and we specialize in slaying dragons – quickly, effortlessly, and thoroughly.

What if you could banish your monster for just seventy five bucks (with volume discount) in about an hour? Would that be worth it?

Of course it would!

How is this possible? We have honed our intuitive gifts for over 30 years. These skills allow us to feel what you feel and intuitively search for the energetic roots of your distressing thought patterns. Once there, two-way intuitive communication lets us interact with your feelings (a primary language of your subconscious mind) and help them to change form.

Sometimes old fears simply “release” and disappear. Often the most intense emotional suffering comes from suppressing expression and your native talents, so your pain may turn into the power to live more fully, joyfully, courageously, and creatively.

We’ve even written a book to share hundreds of our best techniques and train others to develop similar skills: Heal Your Emotions. The world desperately needs this sort of healing – as you understand all too well – and you can get a copy for half price when you schedule an intuitive healing session with us.

We can’t guarantee that all dragons will roll over and die or transform into brave princes/princesses with a single session, but we typically experience such significant progress in our first meeting that we feel confident in our optimism that we can provide similar results for you.

We always take a survey about your state of mind at the beginning and end of each session, and the end results nearly always show a significant shift toward the positive end of the scale.

In fact, the more energy work you’ve already tried and the more aware you are of your feelings, the more likely you will find yourself astounded by the results we deliver because you have already taught your brain – to some degree – how to change its mind. You’ve already generated some momentum in that direction. This makes it even easier for us to work with you.

Even our most challenging clients experience noticeable and worthwhile change over the course of several sessions.

Why not give it a try? Contact us today to schedule a session and take an easy step closer to living your happily ever after!

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